Card Jitsu Snow Beta Test Is Here


Hi Peeps! Recently, CJ Snow Beta Test, a game everyone has been anticipating is finally out ( and so is my blog post about it, LOL )! And boy, is it good! I LOVE IT AND LIKE IT BETTER THAN CJ WATER AND FIRE!! Anyways, here is a walkthrough and what everything on the screen represents!

Firstly, type into into your search box:! Make sure to type it in at the main search engine at the top of your browser.
Then you will be automatically directed to this website called Club Penguin Card Jitsu Snow ( Just For Your Information, LOL ). Log on with your penguin and then you should be welcomed with this world. Please note that you can only waddle in this world and you can’t use the chat bar at all or see other penguins at the base or your name either!


Then click on the green arrow and you will find the screen loading for a couple of seconds and then you will arrive here at this game greeting screen. You need to pick an element to play the game and you can only be ONE element at a time for each game! So, Fire is the best if you like an all-rounder character is quite good at numerous things at the same level, Water is the best if you would like to quickly and easily damage the enemies and, last but DEFINITIVELY not least, Snow is the best if you want to move the furthest up the screen in one go or if you want to have awesome moves and be able to boost your fellow ninjas’ power in the game. Also, Snow Ninjas are the BEST at power cards because they have 4 power cards! One excellent thing about this game is that after I played the game and used lots of player cards, I decided to head back to Club Penguin and have some fun with my friends. I thought that I should play Card Jitsu Original and I did. Then, I noticed that I could play with the power cards and I realised that I could ACTUALLY play with the power cards that I had received in Card Jitsu Snow that I didn’t have before that! I even got a rare stamp in my stamp book because I saw the Sensei power card! I was excited and I played on. It was AWESOME. But, now lets move on to something even MORE AWESOME. CARD JITSU SNOW! So, now, pick your element that you would prefer and click “PLAY“! This time, I choose the mighty Water.





Then, after you have choosen, two other names will show up after a couple of seconds. These will be the Ninjas that will help you fight against the evil Tank, Sly and Scrap.Then, you will see a loading screen and then a snowy mountain and you will hear a Oriental theme song.


The bar and scroll at the middle-bottom of the screen are how far you are away from your next power card.The bar will fill up with white until the power card is due. At this time, you don’t have to use it and you can use it ( or them if you have more than one stored up which is possible) until the specific game is over. Remember, that if the scroll says ” There are no more power cards in your deck”, that means that…well…there are no more power cards left in your deck for you to use in that specific game.

Also, the oddly shaped object at the middle-top of the screen is a timer. It shows you long you have to move somewhere or perform an action ( 10 seconds, you have in total ), but, if you are already decided and have take out a move or action ( or stay still if you want to to watch the other Ninjas how they play the game ), you can click the tick button on the object to say that you have confirmed your move and action and that you don’t want to change it. If all the Ninjas have ticked the box, the consequence or move/action will be performed by a couple of seconds earlier ( if you don’t want to tick it, no pressure, it only drags on for about another four seconds ).

Now, if you want to move, you will need to click on a blue square. Yes, it is as simple as that! However, if you want to reduce one of the Evil Doer’s power a little bit, you will need to move nice and close ( about a square away at the most ) and then you will see a red target on the Villain(s) body which you will need to click, and, it will go green to show that you have clicked on it right.Then, once the time is up, you will move wherever you chose and if you chose to try and defeat a enemy as well, it will go up to him and do a special move ( Snow: throw projectiles at Villain; Water: smash Villain with your unique and quirky aquarium hammer and finally, Fire: throw steaming Hot Sauce bottles at Villain).

Finally, if you are a Snow Ninja, if the fellow Ninja is still fighting but is reduced in power, you can click over the white target with your mouse from anywhere which will then, after the choosing time is up, will give the fellow Ninja more power. Note: the Snow Ninja can only help a fellow Ninja when the Ninja that the Snow Ninja wishes to power up is still fighting. However, if you want to revive a Ninja when it has fallen, you can use the Water OR Fire Ninja to do this with their pump. Again, click on the white target, but this time, you will have to move right next to the Ninja. Both of these methods will only slightly raise the Ninjas power level. Also, if you have fallen into the Snow yourself, you of course can’t perform any actions, but, just watch and wait ( or just click the exit button if you have no patience ) to see if a Ninja will revive you or to see if they win the game. There are three rounds and a bonus round in this game of which you can move from levels 1-3 fighting numerous and different villains and then, by the time that it is the end of the third level and all your Ninjas are currently standing, you can attempt the bonus level! After all your Ninjas have fallen at some point in the game or you have finished the Bonus Level; a screen will show showing how well you did and what levels you have achieved in that specific game that you just played. Please ignore the “next reward sign”, as every time, it will say 98% and never changes. Also, in the beta test you will not earn any coins.

Finally, THIS IS A BETA TEST! Club Penguin set this out so that you could spot bugs and give feedback. So, here is how to. Firstly, you must be on the beta website and not playing the game. So, you must either be at the base or the login point. Then, at the menu at the top, you can click ” I found a Bug!” or “Feedback”. Then, you can fill in the boxes and select the necessary boxes in the scroll-down list. THEN PLAY AGAIN IF YOU WANT TO!! THANK YOU IF YOU DID REPORT A BUG OR GIVE FEEDBACK, YOU ARE HELPING CLUB PENGUIN!




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