My First Ever Field Friday

Hi Peeps!

I Have Just Experienced My VERY First Field Friday With Polo Field And Businesmoose! It Was EPIC! Sorry, I Didn’t Take That Many Photos ( I Was So Excited My Heart Was Pounding XD). Anyways, Here You Go!

Polo Field’s Igloo ( He Wasn’t In There At The Time ).

ImageNice Work Polo!

I Even Got A Postcard From Businesmoose!


I Am So Delighted That You Are My BIGGEST Fan, Businesmoose.

And Finally, Here Is Sopho10’s Igloo With Moose And Polo There! Also, There Was The Likes Of HappyBlue128 And WaltDisney6 There!Image

Great Igloo Sopho, Well Done.


Anyways That Rounds Up Todays Field Friday! However…

ImageThe First One Is Already Finished But There Will Be Another ( Time Yet To Be Announced ) Field Friday Later On ( May Be Early Saturday For Some Other Countrys )!







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