Hollywood Party Starts In A Week!

Hi Peeps!

Im So Sorry That I Haven’t Posted For A Couple Of Days! Anyways, CP Is Updating Once Again Tonight And There Are Some Moderate Updates.

  • NEW Pin
  •  A NEW February 2013 Furniture Catalog With Items Ready For The Hollywood Party.
  • Possibly Another Igloo Catalog.
  •  A NEW Club Penguin Times Issue 381.
  • A NEW Club Penguin Magazine Issue 14 Will Be Released In The UK.
  • Also There Will Probably Be A NEW Spy Phone Message From The EPF.
  • Maybe Some Hollywood Party Construction Work Evidence ( In Two Words: Boxes,Wood) XD!

By The Time These Updates Are Accomlished And Completed, We Will Finally Be Ready For The Hollywood Party With All Preparations Ready! Now Just One More Week To Wait For The Highly Anticipated Hollywood Party. I Think All These Updates Are EPIC! What About You?







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