Welcome To My Very First Blog Post!

Hello peeps and welcome to my VERY first blog post here on Club Penguin Awesome Guide! I would like to introduce myself as Coollegoguy4; a user of Club Penguin since August 2012. I LOVE Club Penguin and, one day, I decided that I should produce a Club Penguin blog. So… I made one,XD!

Anyways, here on Club Penguin Awesome Guide, I will show you the LATEST of Club Penguin as soon as the information is known! Also, I will help ANYONE with ANYTHING about Club Penguin!

As you can most likely see, things are not quite “NEAT” yet, XD, but please be patient because things will be up and running VERY soon. Hopefully, It will look a lot nicer soon! 🙂

Finally, I would like to make a shoutout to 7tom3, Ppppolllyp,Hollz2783, Ed Penguin, Slippero and finally, Dancingsnow1. You guys are the BEST! Also, a MASSIVE thanks to IceyPudding and her blog for assisting me with some blog-based questions.

See you very soon (most likely today, XD).

Until Then…Waddle On,





4 thoughts on “Welcome To My Very First Blog Post!

  1. Hi coollegoguy4,
    Thx 4 shouting me out. I haven’t been on club penguin since Christmas(lol) but I can’t wait 2 go back on there!!!!!
    From ppppollyp
    Waddle on

    • Hey! Sorry, I seem to have forgotten to reply to these comments; I was conducting a revamp of my blog. Sorry for the late reply, and yes, that will be epic! 🙂


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